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Identity Services, Print Media, Electronic media, Communications strategy and message formation, Social, environmental and humanitarian projects
Identity Services, Print Media, Internet Media, Online News Services, Custom Services
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Integrated Strategy & Design

Depending on the group, target and needs, our work may range from relatively simple design (e.g., brochures, websites) to cross-media, integrated solutions, involving message planning & delivery, identity formation & application).

One of our primary strengths lies in mixing fields often treated separately, and finding ways to effectively cross-fertilize one application to the next.

  • Print media
    Examples include: brochures, conference reports, programs, banners, brochures, calling cards, etc.
  • Electronic media
    Examples include: websites, online news, CD-ROMs, videos, database design and construction
  • Communications strategy and message formation
    Examples include: concept and identity formation, logo design, daily news schedules, press releases, general writing and translation services

Partnering for effective solutions

For social, humanitarian and other nonprofit groups, we often partner with nonprofit groups through the mcart design association to provide cost-effective solutions. For more information, please see our projects pages.

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