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Websites, CMS & Internet

The Internet is the only communications medium that empowers one to provide reference materials worldwide and update them at a moment's notice. It is also the most versatile: the Internet enables target audiences to interact with your materials and messages, increasing retention. These possibilities, combined with low costs, make the Internet the fasting-growing of all media.


  • The lowest costs per individual reached (CPIR) of all communications media
  • Measurable results (visitors, countries, popular issues, etc.)
  • Specialized programming to integrate databases, security features, or custom interactivity
  • Announcement to up to 900 search engines and directories
  • Maintenance: daily, weekly, monthly or biannually
  • Graphics, PDF, online video, languages, training, etc.
  • A CD-ROM archive of the entire site

How it works
After initial consultation, we typically follow a three-step process:

  • Phase 1 -- We propose a detailed site plan, or schematic of information flow to match your needs;
  • Phase 2 -- Using the plan as a guide, we create a site and incorporate any specialized programming;
  • Phase 3 -- We publish and announce your site and make changes as scheduled.
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