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Conference Reports

Communicate and empower with little

/mcart image...Volunteers making the news

The diversity and density of information is very high in social and humanitarian events. Limited budgets often restrict access to a fortunate few. Conference Reports is a cross-sector partnership that directly involves volunteers in carrying results around the world.

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Volunteer Effort + Partnership = Shared opportunities

Combining experience from a volunteer agency and a professional communications and design group, a system has been refined since 1998 to:  /mcart image

  • Recruit and train volunteer writers to capture the major results and best practices
  • Condense source material into online news, Press releases, and the final report
  • Publish results on the Internet, in print, and on CD-ROM

Volunteer reporters are also involved in interviewing, photo documentation, collecting documents, and other activities.

Communicate and empower with little

Directly involving volunteers is a realistic way to: 

  • /mcart imageDisseminate knowledge with limited means
  • Involve and build skills of local communities, especially in the South
  • Provide an entry point for media
  • Draw on "open source" objectivity, often shining new light on old issues

projects have been realized in Europe and Africa for events as large as the World AIDS Conference (15,000 participants).

Conference Reports
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